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Handbook of Ski Mountaineering
in the Andes

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Fred Lena - Chili 2008

I’m from the French Alps and ski mountaineering was my introduction to the mountain world. At the moment I live in Grenoble, and I work freelance as a veterinarian.
Between 2002 and 2008 I traveled along the Andean mountain range from Ecuador down to the south of the continent, eventually I ended up spending more time in Chile and Argentina in order to go ski touring. During the subsequent two winter seasons from July to November, I toured this region on skis. I was always on the look-out for unusual itineraries, or routes which were not documented.
Faced with the complete lack of documentation on ski touring in this area, I decided to describe all the peaks I had travelled to. Through my handbook I hope to familiarise the reader with these important skiing areas, thereby making it more accessible and helping would-be travellers in the preparation of their trip.

Frédéric Lena

Llaima - 09/2004
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