Chile - Argentina
Handbook of Ski Mountaineering
in the Andes

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The handbook will contain precise descriptions of potential ski tours, photographs and travelogues in three languages (French, Spanish and English) in order to enable as many mountaineers as possible to discover these magical skiing, climbing and hiking areas (map 1).

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Données chiffrées et techniques :

couverture cartonnée rigide pour protéger le livre

marque-page en tissu

329 pages en format 13 x 19 cm

80 itinéraires décrits (carte 2)

400 photos

9 cartes


Technical features:

hard cover bound

cloth bookmark

329, 13 x 19 cm pages

80 described itineraries (map 2)

400 photos

9 maps

The descriptions include varied, personal anecdotes of my tours. My successes, difficulties, and unexpected setbacks.
The text is accompanied by numerous photographs, that not only aim to support the description, but also have artistic value and aim to expose the reader to the incredible atmosphere inherent to such adventures. For example, the description of the ‘southern volcanoes’ in Chile often surprises skiers, hikers and climbers.
Because access to the routes is often not easy in these, as yet, little developed areas, great care has been taken to provide detailed maps and descriptions to route origins.
Each region is first presented as a whole. The itineraries are portrayed through illustrated descriptive sheets. Complementary information for other interesting itineraries - not undertaken by the author - is sometimes added.

Frey - Bariloche - 07/2005
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